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A bimbo who can state unreliable facts.
Good persuasive speaker however makes several errors on national television.

If she really is conservative, then she would not be stating facts as a liberal. Liberals uprise facts that are being hidden in society, conservatives should not act in such manner. She is condescending to the conservatives because when she speaks about political views, its not really even apparent what side she is on. Undeniably selfish for the attention.

Hates the "french- speaking" canadians, likes "english- speaking" canadians, then all of a sudden "canada should be happy we allow them to exist". So she likes them, but wants to take them over? "Yes but no". She cannot make up her mind.
Close minded, wronfully facted, bimbo- looking: Oh! Ann Coulter!
by exoticass October 01, 2005

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