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1. Stands for Juniors Reserve Training Corps. It is a mock-military program designed to teach kids about leadership. It allows kids to dress up and play in military uniforms while obtaining cadet ranks as they advance further into the program. It also delegates student leaders with "powers" over certain matters in regards to running a battalion while being supervised by retired military instructors.

2. Also known as "RO."

3. Allows kids to misuse their given powers for abusive and personal gain.

4. Known as "Jay rot sey" to the anti-war protesters.
The most overused description of JROTC is "RO is gay."

The one question people always ask people who are in JROTC uniforms is "Are you in RO?"

Quoted from an anti-war protester is "There are other alternatives other than Jayrotsey."
by exiiszero November 02, 2005
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