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cone-haped, low-hanging tits. they resemble the shape of a mango.
"Wow, check out that mangoes on her!"

"Yeah. the least she could do is strap them in."
by evan99 July 07, 2006

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when a bit of semen is "lost' after a withdrawal ejaculation, and dries on skin. Later when touched or brushed, it crackles like the sound of popcorn popping, and "flakes" off.
"Dude, in the morning when I opened my eyes, I saw she totally had
spunkflakes on her chin."
by evan99 July 26, 2006

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An affectionate nickname for the clitoris
All it takes it a little press of her muffin button and she'll come like a busted fire hydrant.
by evan99 July 26, 2006

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