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The noob term for playing Splinter Cell in the online environment, Steam.

A cultural rift has developed here between the senior players (nerds) and the newbies (sometimes referred to as noobs or the 1337 association, n00bs, but really they're just fresh meat) similar to that of Halo 2 Online. Standby shooting/trapping is also outlawed and is overseen by a heavily biased selection of mods (some of which are just cool noobs who bribed other mods with a steak dinner and a Charms blowpop. A noob-mod is idenified when a mod has flying capabilities, but cannot move beyond the second floor due to poor controller/joystick skillz.)

Obscene names are common, as are rooms socially off-limits to the noob population.

It is also a wonderful place to take hilarious screencaps.
Splinter Cell Online subtitled screencap:

*eucatastrophe has entered
*a_big_throbbing_cock has entered

(play commences as usual. But suddenly...)

*eucatastrophe is being choked form behind.
a_big_throbbing_cock: EUCATASTROPHE SUCK THIS
*eucatastrophe was choked to death by a_big_throbbing_cock
sleepy: LAWL!!!!!11!11!!1oneelven!!11
by eucatastrophe June 16, 2006

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