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A word no longer just used to define skinny white dudes from southern california as it has been used for in the past. The new terminology of the word bro refers to an alpha male that is really sick at everything. This is a direct result of being the greatest athletes in their respective high schools that have now moved on to bigger and better things like savagely pounding beer/slampieces on the reg. The polar opposite of a hipster, bro's could give a f*** whats going on outside their tight knit crew. Bros also tend to catch a lot of heat from lesser males who always wanted to be down with the bro's but ended up just being the butt of their jokes. The common misconception is that bro's are un-intelligent, whether or not this is true the fact of the matter is that bro's usually end up making bank and running s*** in society. Bro's are also aware that no matter how hard they bro-out, there is always some bro crew out there that is bro'ing-out harder, so the competition/bro lifestyle will never die. Chill.
We are the sickest bro's on this campus.
by epchill March 04, 2011

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