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Quite possibly the worst rapper in the world, indeed a disgrace to RAP in general. He gets most of his song from ghost writers, such as Gillie Da Kid. A lot of his stuff is just rented, for example he actually borrowed Gillie Da Kid's bling for a video to diss on Gillie. Lil Wayne is a fake gangster, he took a cop to a party with him in Philly, and he cancelled his gig in Philly after Gillie Was dissing on him because he was afraid. His songs have the mental equivalent of a 6 year old's rhymes, which is convenient because of all the 14-16 year old potheads have minds of 6 year olds, and they are the ones who are obsessed with lil wayne, and that is the only reason he has good ratings, not to mention he is the worst freestyler ever. But hey you cant blame him he doesnt even write his songs and his raps are worse than the kids from malibu's most wanted. PLZZZ.
Lil Wayne, Fag, Worst Rapper, Bad Rapper,Joke,Wayne, Lil, LOL,
by eotown3d September 10, 2008

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