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nothingtoxic.com is a shitstain on the taint of the interwebz. it features daily shocking and humorous user generated videos that could all be found elsewhere on the web. it used to be good, when scott owned it, before he sold out and sold the site to some noobtard named "bluetahoe99", who promptly used the site to sodomize himself, thus destroying his anus and a perfectly good website. the most notable feature of this site is the rabidly devout posters in the video comment section. they all think they are funny, although none of them are. some of the lesser evolved regular posters include: a moderator that masquerades as a cop, an illiterate, unfunny moron that believes hes a horse, a zionist conspiracy seeking clown, the "is he died" duo, an estonian gentleman with keen insight and a mean glamor shot, a drunken,rambling convict from new jersey that smells of marijuana and constantly baits the less intelligent into petty, pointless arguments, a dark humored pervert with a dog avatar and a scat fetish, some semi literate dork claiming to be from vegas while locking down the capslock button, and some cokehead that used to be king of an even worse website that sank so he swam to NT and now childishly mentions his penis as much at any given opportunity. these are just a few of the dregs that enjoy a daily dose of crappy videos and petty squabbling.
nothingtoxic is like a magic portal, where members never leave, they just reappear with a new name and avatar.
hubble: guys, did you post on nothingtoxic today?
huston: yeah, the usual. made 3 crappy comments about 3 crappy videos, and watched like 2 porn links.
hubble: wow. is brian in a damn coma or something?
bollockstoit: i dont know, but if you go on urbandictionary.com, nothingtoxic is synonymous with bile and dogpoop.
by en jay ftw!!! March 23, 2010
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