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1. A book by Lewis Carol about a girl who chases a personified rabbit into its hole and finds herself in a whimsical fantasy land(this is where the term down the rabbit hole comes from). The book and its sequel, Through the Looking Glass, are known for their nonsensical and in some cases bizarre scenery and events, and have been the inspiration for many other similar works. The popularity and cult following of the story is due largely in part to the Disney movie adaption.

2. What any story, event or experience similar to the events of Alice in Wonderland can be described as. See mindfuck.

3. The state of being in lala land.
1. You've never read Alice in Wonderland? Prepare to have your mind blown.

2. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask had a very alice in wonderland feel to it, going as far as to have Link fall down a hole that took him to another world.

3. He's been giving his computer screen a blank stare for hours, he's alice in wonderland over there.
by emptydonutbox April 10, 2009
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