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A name carried by many women, Means "Pure Heart" comes from the greek origin. Is the most amazing, most sweetest, good-hearted girl you will ever meet in your life. She fills the room with her beautiful smile and happiness, everyone in the room cant help but to just stop and stare when she enters. She cares about people, and loves to make them happy. Dosent care about apperence that much but searches for the good on the inside in a person. Is the kind of girl to dream about falling in love and meeting her prince charming. The type of girl who loves to love, is an amazing best friend but most of all an even better girlfriend and wife. She will shower you with many gifts but more hugs and kisses than you can imagine. She also has the most deepest and strongest emotional power that will move everyone to tears with every single word. Everything she says she means, it comes from the bottom of her heart. Has no problem being adventerous and crazy when its time to party, is fantastic under the covers and always aims to please. You can never go wrong once you meet a Katrina because once you have captured her heart she will be by your side. She is the girl that you can keep forever.
Guy 1: Holy shit! That girl just blew me away.
Guy 2: Shes perfect, Must be a Katrina.
by emmerts August 15, 2012
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