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Beautiful, sporty, hyper girl with the best personality! everyone knows her and wants to be friends with her. Is the best friend you could ask for and also the best girlfriend! If you ask her out she is bound to say yes but if she says no she wont put you down in a mean way. She loves to cuddle and physical touch is her love language. If you see her being mean to someone look the other way because they most likely earned it. She is someone who you can love unconditionally. She is typically very pretty but won't admit it. Seryna is the type of girl that always cares for you no matter what happens. She's the kindest person you'll ever meet. Even though she may look mean when you meet her she's the giddiest person and will be laughing. She's the most beautiful girl you'll ever see in your life and she will catch your eye Every time you see her. She's loves kind little acts of love and appreciation towards her. If you show her you love her, she will love you for forever.
Wow! Who's that??
Oh, that's Seryna. She is one of the prettiest people you will ever meet.
by emma.waggner November 21, 2021
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