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The guy who everyone likes. The guy who doesn't show his feelings well. The guy who is hilarious. He lies a lot, but you never know when he is telling the truth. He loves one girl, he always have. He can't show his feelings well. The guy who can break a heart very easily. Be careful.
Hey Michael, who do you like?
"I aint telling you."
by ellle October 17, 2012

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Most people have dreams or nightmares. A Dweam is one that cannot be classified into either category and is somewhere in between, starts off really great then gradually turns into an evil twisted series of events that you have no control over.
me wakes up: Wow what a horrible Dweam, We were having dinner with all our family and friends then went out and started running and playing having an amazing time then you all turned into horrific monsters and I couldn't wake up.
by Ellle October 16, 2005

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