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{Gaunch Guy}= Greasy, {filthy} hair, combat boots (although never planned on joining the armed forces). Failed miserably in all classes, usually dedicated to rebellious music, hence the wearing of torn up {concert tee} shirts. {Levi's}, wallets attached with chains to back pockets.... Too embarrassed to take Gym Class because of their worthless, shapeless bodies, so they spent most of their time in B.O.C.E.S. (special ed.), or beating up on otherwise healthy-minded happy individuals w/high self-esteem.

{Gaunch Girl}= Sleazy, Feathered, permed, fried out, bleached out hair, leather jacket wearing, clog wearing, tightest possible jeans (even though they had NO right wearing them!) While more intelligent in their pursuit of higher education, partying along with all the Gaunch Guys was the name of the game! Parties, beating up on cheerleaders, and those who wore different attire than theirs. Most {Gaunch} Girls dated, and then later married their Gaunch Guy boyfriends.... Gaunches could usually be found in the {Smoking Lounge}, and some of the Gaunches were even appointed "smoking monitors!" A tremendous honor amongst the {Gaunch} community!

The word/term Gaunch was, according to folk-lore coined by a Phys-Ed teacher back in the late 70's.... and I am certain that he hit the nail right on the head.... Good old O.P.H.S....
Attention all Gaunches! meet me in the smoking lounge... I have the new Led Zeppelin album, man.... you gotta hear it... duuuuuhhhhhh
by elephant shoe January 30, 2011
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