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A sexual act which begins with the male participant lavishing the female participant's vagina in 3 oz. of name brand "Franks Red Hot" condiment sauce. Then the previously stated male rubs his hands together while simultaneously creating a replicated fire engine siren with his mouth. As the female participant begins to feel the burning sensation of the sauce, the male then "puts out the flame" by ejaculating all over the forementioned hot spot.
Yon Jarman: Hey babe, i was at the wash today and all the young kids were talking about the Yarmando Fire Hose. They said all the cool kids were doing it. We should try it, it will make me feel young again, because my cheesy jokes at work arent cutting it.

Barbie Q: Are those the kids who say they think they know ya? Because they recommended the Birmingham booty call and it was fantastic!

Yon Jarman: Even though they cant mow, trim, one of them looks like my gay son, and another spits all over the parking lot, they sure can recommend some good friday night fun!!
by eggsandbaconhesays June 29, 2009
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