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a town that everybody hates on. Most are jealous because you have no sense of style and your mother doesn't love you. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in this town acts Italian (although who can blame them because Italians are awesome.) The BLOWOUT, originated in North Branford, do your homework. If you're going to insult us do it properly.

Hanging out a Club D&D or Lowes is always better than loitering around a house like a bunch of Porch Monkeys (i.e. Fair Haven, New Haven etc.) We spend money, because, shockingly, WE HAVE IT.

Does your town have an amazing soda company? Does it have it's own Christmas Song? Hi Hater.

and please, it's East Haven. if you're not from here, you're not allowed to call it Staven!

It's only okay when you talk ish about it when you live here.
North Branford Goon 1: What are we doing tonight?
North Branford Goon 2: I don't know, call some people from East Haven.

Sleazy Haven, Staven, E Staven, Easy Haven
by eeee Staven March 09, 2009
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