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Often a guy that 'hangs around' the beach. Slang originated from Jamaica. Often said while pointing out someone in a crowd (dat-man) The accent made resulted in the sound dimon.
1)Dimon been steeling our women!
2)Dimon is who we looking for.
by eatpumkin090 April 01, 2009

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Even though the word is 'fun orb'. The games on the website do not live up to the name. Most games are cheap and 2d with 1 graphic off a copyright infringement.
1)Hey man lets take a step back into 1980's gaming.

Paul: Hey man I got 2 hours to waste what do u suggest.

Fred: Play some fun orb man

Paul: Man I said I got 2 hours to waste. I could kill myself in 5 minutes to save the trouble of 2 hours of torture.
by eatpumkin090 April 02, 2009

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