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A ladie's pussy, vagina, reproductive organ, to fuck the shit ot of, since used in derogitory manner,
from sopranos
"tell me where michel is or i'll shove this walkman up your box"
by dylan with the big dick January 13, 2006
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originally from detroit and ypsi michigan,
not the hardest, but the smartest, and get the job done, you should start ya own division, if ya feel it rpresents ya life, goin through themotions of gangsta and college life with and for success in eachother. we from the d and ytown, goin ta college and sellin anything illegitamate to succeed.
all the retard nation got part time jobs at shitty works, goin to communty college workin towards a better one, 3.3 gpa but slang and kill when nessisary, makin shitloads a money in the hood and on campus, always comin through in tha clutch, winnin championships, and called thoroughbreads.
by dylan with the big dick April 13, 2006
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Would never throw up from any amount of marijuana or alcohol, cry, be a bitch, back down, let sombody take manhood, etc.
Opposite of a bitch
As a thoroughbred, I'd smack a hoe or kill a muthafucka if I had to, but I will also go back and fuck the hoe later (with consent)
by dylan with the big dick January 13, 2006
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