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When people are jealous off you. Dont let them bother you. They are jealous of you because you have better game than them, you look better than them and they want to be you. They are trying to make themselves look better and feel better by trying to hate on you.
Daniel: "Michael i just schooled you in hoops"

Michael: "You just got lucky you"

Daniel: "I need to shake them haters off, who lose to me and still think they are better than me."
by DWarren November 01, 2005
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When the thickness of a person's ankles are the same thickness as thier calves.

It will look like an old stove pipe.

This is very unattractive and wierd looking.
What the hell is wrong with your leg Micheal!!??

Your ankles are the same size as your calves.

Ha Ha

You have stove pipe ankles..!!..

I bet you have to buy XXlarge socks and bell bottom pants.

by dwarren December 21, 2005
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