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A vehicle, usually white. With a man in it. Who sells icecream.

Makes some people heavily depressed when hearing its jingle on a warm sunday evening.
This could be due to an overdose of the jingle during a long period of time, and/or childhood traumas. When it isn't heard for a long time, it can cause either a sudden shock or an anxiety attack. Both should be treated with the proper care, for it is a serious illness.
Ice cream truck:...Too too to to to tooo to to to tooo to to too toooo...
What happens then:
1. disbelief
"What's that? What do I hear?!..."
2. denial
"This isn't happening. Isn't isn't isn't. Can't be. Can't be!"
3. mental breakdown
"Why, why, why is this happening to me?!"

=> The subject could become severely distressed, and should be treated with tranquilizers at first. Further treatment should be sought if this should happens more often.
by dundundunnnn June 10, 2007

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