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Mass emails sent or forwarded by one person to everyone in their address book conveying unimportant, erroneous and worthless information that no one cares about. Often the information is regarding meetings, conferences or "articles" that the recipient has no interest in and is then "encouraged" to forward to “interested” parties. Often ends up in the recycle bin.
example of emailarrhea

Dear Member:

Thank you so much for participating in the last meeting of the company oversight of the misuse of consumable waste! A lot of great discussion took place and our momentum is rolling! I have attached the notes from the last meeting. Our next meeting will be on the fourth Wednesday after the all-staff picnic. We are looking to expand our membership so please encourage other folks on your committees and lists to participate in this exciting opportunity! Please share and post!

by duncdog August 26, 2008

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One who is so ugly that it's almost painful to look at them. This condition can be short in duration or can become chronic if the condition goes untreated.

Common treatment is often an extreme makeover or acute intoxication by those beholding the sufferer.
"I just ran into Ann in the hallway and, sheesh, she sure is acutely ugly!"
by duncdog March 29, 2010

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