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An incredibly intelligent guy who is tall, dark, and charming. only wants to be around straight A's students, wants everything to be perfect and wants to show himself as a perfect man to others. as a lover/partner saifs will make you feel very special, but be careful! saif will always have things his way and he is a very controlling boyfriend but denies it.saif will love you the most and always try to be there for you. Saif always wants the best for his girl! saif wants his girl to be perfect if she's not then he'll do anything to help her be one. HE IS VERY TALKATIVE AND ALSO VERY VERY JUDGY!
But overall a very good guy.
why is this guy always studying?
" don't worry he's just a saif"

why is she upset?
"shes dating saif he probably said something again, but she'll adapt to him cuz he makes her feel very special"

"saif needs to stop throwing shade at everyone"
by dududaddy February 27, 2019

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