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1 definition by dudebrono

A white male, usually between the ages of 18-25 who is obsessed with Tap-Out, Ed Hardy, and most commonly Affliction. A dude bro can be caught wearing cargo shorts at any given moment while sporting a generic tribal arm band tattoo. The car of choice by the dude bro is a late 90's model ford mustang or a "tricked" out honda civic. On the dude bro's radio you will anything from Godsmack to Hinder.
guy 1 (talking to a group of dude-bro's as they pass by)- "Hey dude bro, sweet tattoo!"

group of dude bro's- (as they all turn together) hey thanks dude bro!!

( they were oblivious that they were actually being made fun of )
by dudebrono May 18, 2009
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