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describes anything that is outrageously huge or ginormous
WHAT!,that was a mondo bass that jumped outa the water!
by dubdizzle July 10, 2008
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High on extremely good Methamphetamines. Typically been awake for several days if your a daily meth slave. "Jibbed up people can usually be found late nights shopping for hydrolic jacks at Walmart. "Jibbed" up people typically fidget non-stop and constantly reorganize anything in sight. Picking at yourself is the largest side effect of being "Jibbed." Sex is a taunting craving when "Jibbed" as well. If your about to use meth for the first time your gonna be Jibbed the fuck up!
Friend: You were acting weird at church yesterday is everything going okay lately?
You: Hell ya everythings been more than okay I was just Jibbed the fuck out, I needed sum sleep.
by DubDizzle January 17, 2015
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