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Down to Earth, a land where you can get lost in the woods and not feel scared.

Cell phone service is very hit or miss.

Hunting is a way of life for most.

Cannabis is very prevalent, why not I say.

Home to one of the finest micro-breweries, Long Trail.
Many Vermonters are rabid alcoholics, guzzling BudLight, PBR, and micro-brews by the barrel... and hard liquor, lots and lots of hard liquor.
Home to the finest american cheese factory, Cabot.

The people that say there is nothing to do obviously hate the outdoors and can't stand the thought of there not being a club or mall.

Vermont, to me, is a misunderstood State.
Flatlander from NJ: The leaves are so pretty up here.
Vermonter: don't you guys have trees in The Garbage State?
Flatlander from NJ: Not sure. How does my tan look with the leaves in the background?
Vermonter: Somewhere between the color of a pumpkin and a carrot.

Saying: Im a Vermonta and I do what I wanta!

Optimist saying: If you stand on that stump over there you can get 2-bars of cell signal.

Wife: hey look, another car off the road, weather is bad today.
Husband: if the fucking flatlanders could learn to fucking drive they wouldn't be in the ditch
Wife: agreed
by drow_in_wasteland September 10, 2014
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Teacher: can anyone tell me what a vulva is?
student: Me!
teacher: ok, howie.
student now know as howie: it's a car, my parents drive vulvas.
Teacher: Wrong, your thinking of a Volvo.
by drow_in_wasteland September 10, 2014
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