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adjective, probably latin so should be italicized in writing
1. Within a vaccum
2. Without relation to anything else; alone
Burger Man: Here's your order, sir!
Burger Man: I'm afraid all pickles are now in vacuo as the last man who tried to pick a pickle tree suffocated due to lack of air.
by Dr. Batido November 26, 2005
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A company that makes music stuff. I don't know about their other instruments, but their trombones suck. Don't get a jupiter trombone, unless you want to really be able to apreciate a half decent trombone. Their other instruments probably suck as much.
I played a jupiter trombone in sixth grade that we rented. In seventh I asked for a yamaha because they looked cooler. The slide is much easier to move and the instrument itself is much lighter. It's still not all that great, but it's good enough for a highschooler. We've continued to rent the same trombone for three years now and some day I'm going to buy it out of slavery, for sentimental value if nothing else, even though I really could use one with an f key.
by Dr. Batido December 24, 2005
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1. The governing force by which the universe is supposed to operate, but doesn't really.

Non-operation is defined in the sense of a computer program having an error in its programming. Sense life has not crashed, we are forced to conclude that the universe operates.

An extremely logical person will attempt to relate every event, emotion, and idea into a universal truth and will probably devote the entirety of their life to this endeavor, possibly to the point of obsession. When they fail utterly they can only say that they did the most logical thing possible.

2. An excuse to ignore the emotions, logic, ability, or worth of others in order to do whatever the hell one wants.
Boy: Why do you say that?
Girl: Monkeys are invading the world.
Boy: Where?
Girl: Everywhere.
The boy looks around the room.
Boy: But I do not see any monkeys. If monkeys are invading the world everywhere then they should be here as well. Therefore I am forced to conclude that your statement is false unless you have some other information to show me otherwise.
Girl: Stop being so damn logical! It was a freaking joke, you damn bastard! I HATE YOU! #@$&%#&@$&%#@$&!!!
by Dr. Batido November 25, 2005
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