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Seto Kaiba's catchphrase from yu gi oh the abridged series created by LittleKuriboh. First used when he lost a children's card game to yu gi.

Usage: to shun authority or to tease by flaunting one's wealth.
can be adapted to fit the situation.
ex. 1
Yu gi: Did you just summon a lot of monsters all at once.
Kaiba: Yeah, so?
Yu gi: You can't do that, it's against the rules.
Kaiba: Screw the Rules, I Have Money!
ex. 2
Person 1: leeroy, you dumb ass, you just fucked up our plan.
Leeroy: Screw the Plan, I Have Chicken!
by dr. daniel jackson August 20, 2009
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When you try to define a term given in a rhetorical question only to make an ass of yourself by not only answering the rhetorical question but giving a stupidly hilarious answer or definition.
Judge Judy: It's as simple as that. This is not rocket science. What is rocket science?
Dumb Blonde: Rocket science is when the scientist find out things about space.
Judge Judy, crowd, and television audience: snicker, laugh
Dumb Blonde: I think. (embarrassed)
Television watcher: epic definition fail
Judge Judy's inner monologue: what a dumb ass
by dr. daniel jackson August 19, 2009
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