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the town bishop that is usually referred to as 'bishop vegas', the chaviest place in England. you will find many children from ages 10+ drinking, smoking and doing drugs. they get this by going down south church n getting Ray or den in the shop getting bottles of cheap wine and cactus jack. most kids have shagged by 11 and probs pregnant by 15. children go down clay banks or king James river to drink and shagg behind bushes. the best thing on a Friday Saturday is the police chases down the Main Street jumping over fences and bushes to get away, starting fires and getting arrested at 10. getting kicked out of school for hitting the teachers or getting in fights with ya mates for fuck all. can't go with a decent lad without them wanting a sucky or to finger ye, without them texting other lasses behind ye back and saving their name as yours so you think its just you on their texts. getting messed about is the highlight of living in bishops, I LOVE IT!
lets go to bishop Auckland ,ect
by downthetooooon May 6, 2018
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