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A "Mooshgunta" was originally developed in Canada at summer camps and is generally performed by men on other men but is in no way homosexual. In lamens terms, it is the act of inserting toothpaste into someones anal cavity, ideally the person should be asleep. The art is in not waking them up, so the toothpaste can solidify. Once the toothpaste has set, it is very difficult to get it out. It must be "dug" or "douched" out using some sort of utensil or the persons finger for added humor. When the person is alseep it is called a Mooshgunta, but a live mooshgunta is when the subject is awake. In most cases the subject will flail and it takes a few people to perform the act, along with some dedication as you need to hold the person down for an extended period of time to let the toothpaste set. In conjunction with a mooshgunta, sometimes a canadian waffle is performed. A canadian waffle is where a tennis racquet is placed on the butt cheeks of the person on the receiving end of the mooshgunta and significant weight is applied to imprint the strings of the racquet to create a "waffle" like pattern. If done correctly the imprint should stay on the persons arse for an extended period of time.
the subject has fallen asleep, get the toothpaste so we can begin the mooshgunta.

pass me that tennis racquet so we can give him a canadian waffle.
by doubloons November 21, 2011

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