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east haven is a little town that is a suburb of new haven. East Haven may seem like a heavy populated italian town, but a lot of the people from East Haven are wannabe Guidos with there blowouts and Armani Exchange shirts when they are really like polish. This high school's football team is pathetic even though there players think they are hot shit when they are little, not athletic guinneys who use football for another reason to tell girls on myspace how cool they are. Speaking of myspace, myspace is the center of some easties. Whether its the flashing Famous stars and straps backrounds or the Dior backround they love how they look on myspace. Easties take an average of 3.8 myspace profiles pictures a day with quotes saying something about how cool they are. The easties try to act ghetto with the whole "don't hate on me", when they dont understand that no one cares about them or there life. East Haven nights usually consists of "the crew hitting up the bowling alley" or "the gang chillen at the movies". Along with hitting up the movies the crew might drink some bud lights or smoke a doobie and think they are badasses. well thats a wrap on the pathetic east haven life
East Haven teenager: Hey baby, you wanna chill?

Girl: Uhmm i will chill with you once you take some of that makeup off and some of that gell out of your hair because im afraid to get stabbed with your blowout.

Eastie: Fine bitch i'll just some some more weed wit my crew you.
by doubleB2daE May 08, 2008
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