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To leave an impression of ones penis on another persons skin(Face preferably). 2. To Dick slap.(really hard)
The hoe was back talkin so i mushroom stamped her across the forehead
by don weezy July 12, 2006
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An individual that takes an OK car (not limited to imports) and turns it into complete crap. Usually adding on things such as huge, loud ass mufflers, NASA type spoilers and a collage of stickers that don’t really mean shit. Also, there have been sightings of FALSE front mount intercoolers. Upon first site of one of these rice rockets, the onlooker (if not a ricer) usually gets a disgusted look on their face. (Like when watching parts of FEAR FACTOR) And many cuss words also come to mind.
If you ever see a car with a muffler that has a larger diameter than its rims, it definitely is a ricer
by Don Weezy July 12, 2006
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