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1. (n)
a. a metal stick with magical and/or super powers
b. the stick of reason
c. the enforcer
d. anything that has that gangsta gangsta shit and/or talks that murder murder shit

2. (n) (often initial capital letter)
a. the owner of said rayrod
b. A.P.R.

3. (v)
a. to swing, smack, hit, throw down, enforce, teach a lesson, etc. utilizing said rayrod
b. to ante up, especially on the streets of Philidelphia
c. to otherwise impose law, sense, or fun

4. (adj)
a. mighty, powerful, influential
b. possessing excess and/or ridiculous skills
c. of or pertaining to anything unusually fancy
1. Alexander dragooned the enemy with his gleaming rayrod.

2. The Rayrod was the most skillful, good-looking, and fanciest in all the land.

3. Due to grave malfeasance, the offender was subsequently rayrodded.

4. The tradition of fancy drink night matured into an exquisitely rayrod affair.

5. also see: Merchant of Venice III. ii. 63
by dkwon December 16, 2008
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