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A smooth move to pull on a girl instead of askin to finger her. An act of female masterbation
' hey gurl you up for some finger fun ? '
by dj tiddyriddler January 11, 2006
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A fool, someone you don't particualarly like and can't tolerate for more than a few minuits at a time.
Jim: Yeah but it was good though wasn't it?
Pete: No
Jim: Yeah it was
Pete: No it wasn't shut up and fuck off you nigga bitch!!!
Jim: Oh man
by dj tiddyriddler January 14, 2006
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whem you forget what the name is for something you want, can refer to absolutely anything.
Dave:Hey jamie pass us that wizzwazz ya got over there
by dj tiddyriddler January 15, 2006
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