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Noun. Any liquor store in your neighborhood. Usually located on a corner. A Ghetto Mart normally sells malt liquor, cigarettes, candy, cracky snacks (twinkies & nutty bars), microwaveable burritos, Lottery tickets and the like. Produce is usually limited to limes, potatoes and onions. They also stock Brillo pads, but normally keep them behind the counter, as to know who the neighborhood crackheads are.
Also known as a Crack Mart. Ghetto Mart owners are none to pleased to find out that you refer to them as the "Ghetto Mart", they usually say things like, "What's wrong with us?, Why are you dogging us? or, Why can't you just call us Lee's Market, after all that's what the sign say's, dosen't it?"
DJ Willow from Paris: Oh,Dag! were all out of Blunt wraps! I'm going to the Ghetto Mart to stock up, do you want me to get you anything while I'm there?

Jiffy: You're going? Hell Yes! Get me a case of Corona and a Cracky snack.

DJ Willow from Paris: Do you prefer a salty or sweet Cracky snack?

Jiffy: Um,...That's a toughie, better get me both.

DJ Willow from Paris: Okay, Roger That!
by DJ Willow from Paris June 23, 2007
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noun. Fried chicken and waffles. Usually served as breakfast. Roscoe's Chicken N' Waffles is World Famous, however, Merrit Bakery in Oakland California is the best place in the bay area to dine on this wonderful dish.
If you ever pull an all-nighter in the east bay Merrit Bakery is the best place to chow down on Chicken N' Waffles.
by DJ Willow from Paris January 31, 2008
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A snack most likley found in a Ghetto Mart or in a truck stop. i.e. Potato Chips, Lorna Doone Cookies, Microwaveable Burritos, Pringles, Litte Debbie Snacks, Hostess Baked Goods, etc...etc...
Should be very high in sugar or salt content. Preferably containing M.S.G. or high fructose corn syrup. Offers little or no nutrition.
DJ Willow from Paris (while on tour): Wow! I've had way too many Cracky Snacks today. I feel like shit! Can we stop at a road-side diner so we can all dine on some real food tonight before the show?
C.B. (Legendary tour bus driver): Um, there is an AMAZING! organic brew-pub in the next town over, about 100 miles from here, can you make it till then?
DJ Willow from Paris: Oh C.B.!!! I LOVE YOU!
C.B.: I know, 'cause I'm the BEST!
by DJ Willow from Paris June 25, 2007
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Tag Team DJing is practically a sport. It occurs when too many Deejays show up for the same party. Instead of playing an hour or two hour set the deejays split the time by playing three songs then rotating to the next deejay. After a deejay plays three songs they high-five the next deejay to "tag out" or "tag in". Tag Team DJing was devised as a "plan b" by the world famous B-Town DJ CO*OP as means to let every deejay in the B-town Posse get a shot at the decks, even if they were not on the flyer for the evening. If they just so happend to arrive at the party, there was always room for one more.
DJ Willow from Paris: "Remember the good ol' days at the Temple Bar when we use to play Tag Team DJ's?"

DJ SB3: "Yeah that was the shiznit! You could hang out, do some shots at the bar, smoke in the alley, and then throw down some slambient beats, tag out and then do it all over again!"

DJ Willow from Paris: "Fascinating trend we started, Eh?"

DJ SB3: "Yeah it's like wrestiling but with vinyl discs, loud booming bass and your whole "team" is there high-fiving left and right! It's a good way to share the love."

DJ Willow from Paris: "So when can I fly over to Maui for an extreme Tag Team DJ set with you? I'll bring my new sidekick, DJ YR LTTL PWNY."

DJ SB3: "Soon...REAL SOON!!!!"

DJ Willow from Paris: "Hey SB3...Tag you're it!"
by DJ Willow from Paris February 06, 2008
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Noun. Syn.camel toe, Trousers that are snug fitting in the groin area. So snug in fact that you can practically see the labia (i.e. camel toe). "You can see her lips moving but you can't hear what she's saying". Can be lycra or spandex, but are most often ill fitting pants possibly with pleating on the front, or just REALLY tight jeans.
I was down at the Ghetto Mart today buying cracky snacks and this hoochie came in with her mumble trousers on. One of the guys looked at me knowingly and winked before saying to the hoochie, "What I can't hear you?". She unwittingly blinked and continued to gab away on her cell phone, as she purchased a pack of KOOL cigaretts and a Diet Coke.
by DJ Willow From Paris November 21, 2007
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noun. A 1947 "Silversides" Greyhound Bus that was rescued by the B-Town Posse from a junkyard. It was slated to be destroyed and turned into scrap metal. Thankfully it did not suffer that fate and lived to see yet another day.
It went through many phases from being a beat-up hunk o' junk to an AMAZING velveteen lounge on wheels. Lots of LOVE went into restoring it and getting it up and on the road again.
The Heaven Bus is now legendary.
It was the vehicle that toured the B-Town Posse to many a reggae shows (Reggae on the River), festivals (Oregon Country Fair) and concerts (Coachella). The WICKED DJ CREW was also privy to being toted around on this pimpadelic luxury coach. It was also the transportation of choice for the Mystic Family Circus. Hot springs were also frequently visited by happy Heaven Bus riders.
No one has seen the Heaven Bus for years now. Some people doubt that it even exists.
Now only a select few know of it's whereabouts, rumor has it, that it is slated for a "Heaven Revival Tour".

Oh my god, I gotta pack! Heaven Bus will be here any second to pick me up. We're going on tour for a month this time.
...What am I going to wear?!?!?!?

Hey!, there's a "HEAVEN" party tonight at Jelly's! Let's go!!!!! Who's the D.J.?
by DJ Willow from Paris August 24, 2007
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n. A refridgerator, in which contents mainly consist of condiments (possibly a half a sixpack of beer and maybe some old moldy cheese). A poorly stocked Bachelor or Bachelorette fridge.
In the movie "FIGHT CLUB", Tyler Durden feigns embarrasment upon returning to his condo that he obliterated, once he comes across his fridge lying in the smoldering mess with it's door flung open, displaying it's contents for the whole world to see.

DJ SB3: "Ewe, Willow what's this in your fridge?, a science expiriment or is that left over take out food?"

DJ Willow from Paris: "Whateves,I'm soooo not embarrased by my Fight Club Fridge, what does it matter when I'm never home anyway?"
by DJ Willow from Paris April 24, 2008
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