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The inverse relationship of convenience of defecation and urge to defecate. As the need or desire to defecate increases, the convenience of such action decreases in like manner. The ultimate culmination of said paradox occurs when it is both infinitely necessary to defecate and also infinitely inconvenient.
Blown from the inside out. Guess our agent thought he could hold off through the drug deal and then Burling's Tendency hit. Looks like his cover wasn't the only thing that was blown...
by discord_ January 25, 2009
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The epitome of lonely, sex-starved teenage males. Often compensates for social ostracism in real life by lashing out at those people he meets on the Internet. Appears to obtain perverse pleasure through the torment of random individuals, when in reality this action serves only to further validate his uselessness as a human being.

See also: small penis, small pasty white boys, e-badass
"Du0, get out of the command chair you <expletive deleted>!"

"3y3 4m du0g0d0fd34th!!!11 U w1LL ph34r m4h l337 h4x0r sk1LLz!!!!!"

<Bormac> OH...MY...GOD! Du0 YOU ARE JUST *SO* LAME!!
<Du0> ill sho u bromac!!
<Du0> *recycles command chair*
<Du0> rolf pwnd
by discord_ April 13, 2004
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