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a school where 75% of people are the same in ways such as they are over dramatic spoiled bitches who claim how "mature/grown up" they are evan though they critisize ppl about EVERY LITTLE THING & pretty much if you dont like lax,arent OBSESSED with facebook,and dont spend your weekends smoking weed, your pretty much classified by the "populare" people as "gay".and the other 25% of ppl here like me who are looked down upon by the other "common" 75% like to sit back and watch and get a good laugh out of those queeermotherfuckers who will get ABSOLUTELY nothing out of life, and will most likely spend there adulthood as rich spoiled fucks who gorge on depression pills and will have children who will grow up just like them.
North Carroll dude-im not signing up for lax this year, and i think im going to quit smoking weed. i have to earn my money, and i have better things to spend money on.

Hereford High School guy-........your gay.
by dimplesandcream32 November 23, 2007
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#1-the perfect name for a nerdy chubby guy who tries to cover up his geekyness by wearing abercrombie and hollister, and is a genious in his own mind and makes fun of others who are fat, and of the homo sexuality when in true life he is and should not be talking.most likely someone with very few friends, and squeezes his cousins boobs.
#2-someone with a very messy grandmother (usially by the name of susan,phyliss,betty,etc.)
3-someone who gorges on cheese all day long
4-someone who spends 50% of there lives making wierd videos of people and sends them too everybody to try to embarass them
That kid named zach over there is very ugly and is making wierd videos.

Where do you think he got the name..Zach?
by dimplesandcream32 November 23, 2007
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