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a currently underground, up-and-coming tv series, rumored to hit the web sometime in the near future..hopefully next fall. it started in the boondocks of maine by a group of teenagers. so far it's only really been heard of in maine and parts of massachusetts, (as far as i know) but it's pretty sweet. it takes place in a made up city based in california called QV, and it's about teenage life. it's a really genunine, raw show, they're not afraid to swear and talk about feelings, and the humor's really sick.
"I wonder what you're doing, right now. Maybe you're practicing your perfect model
face. I like the "I'm happy to see you, spike" face a lot better, myself. Or the real smile. The smile
that I'll probably never see again. Not your "Go to hell" smile, either. Your real, geniune smile. You're pretty no matter what, but you're thirty times as beautiful when you smile..it brings back memories.
Memories that sometimes I want to cling to- and sometimes I wish would just leave me alone.
They're haunting me. Everywhere I turn, everything I look at, everywhere I go- there's something
that makes me think of you. It triggers me. Into thinking..what could we have been? Could that have been me?"

a quote from spike, one of my fav. characters.^ the hardcore kids gets pretty damn intense but i love it. :)

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