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Nine Inch Nails was a one-man-band fronted by Trent Reznor. With influences such as Ministry, he successfully debuted with his first full-length studio album "Pretty Hate Machine." Fed up with greedy record label bullshit, he made his own label, and released the highly successful Grammy-Award winning Broken EP. He then peaked with his follow-up, The Downward Spiral, getting huge hits such as Closer, March of the Pigs, and Hurt. This was followed by cocaine abuse and rehab for about 5 years, until he returned with an album some find okay, and some find brilliant "The Fragile." He then went on to release "With Teeth" "Year Zero" and his final album "The Slip." He has just recently found new commercial success as a movie soundtrack artist, mainly recognized for winning an Oscar with Atticus Ross for the (also award winning) film, the Social Network.
Black Guy: Whats your favorite Nine Inch Nails song?

Me: Just about anything from Broken to the Downward Spiral. He released some pretty good stuff afterward though.
by dicknugget October 24, 2011
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A band that peaked in the 90's with some truly brilliant music, made an alright 4th album, then went to hell with "Eat Me Drink Me," and has since disappeared from the public due to the "look at me do cocaine and bitch about my ex girlfriends" attitude that has replaced all the great image and lyrical creativity that was Marilyn Manson (the front man.) This refers solely to Manson himself, and not great musicians that currently write and tour with him. Please come back Manson.
Me: Have you ever listened to Marilyn Manson?

Acquaintance: Like, the Beautiful People?

Me: No. Go listen to songs like Reflecting God, 1996, Fuck it, just listen to the obscure shit!!
by dicknugget October 24, 2011
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