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A municipality and national park about 70km west of Sydney. The Blue Mountains is a World Heritage listed area and a popular tourist destination, home to the highly overrated 'three sisters' and other such 'attractions'.

Aside from the surrounding environment it's a lot like the inner western suburbs of Sydney (Newtown, Petersham, Enmore etc.), but far more boring. There are lots of cafes, galleries and overpriced shops and it's full of hippies, old people, trust fund kiddies, bogans, stoners, journalists, artists, burnt out celebrities + executives or yuppies with holiday homes. Most of the youth are either hipsters or eshays and regularly either smoke weed, write poetry, play guitar, or all three.

No real crime happens in the Mountains and the police reports published in the local paper, "the gazette", generally involve a man being arrested for running naked through the streets after a night on the piss; a missing dog; a person being arrested for trying to talk his way back into a pub after being ejected by bouncers and very occasionally, someone being charged with possession of weed.
Mike: hey guys let's all smoke up discuss contemporary artwork while staring at the clouds
Josh: what the fuck, this isn't the Blue Mountains dickhead
by dextopia October 28, 2010
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