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A guy who goes around and does every girl he sees and then brags about it later, but does so in a douche manner. Normally someone whose ego is too far up their ass.
Man 1: I banged three girls this weekend and then smoked a bunch of weed because I'm so cool.
Man 2: Shut up you douche man slut.

Man 1: I'm the best looking guy on the earth.
Man 2: Shut up you douche man slut.

Man 1: I'll never have a successful relationship with a girl.
Man 2: That's right you douche man slut.
by desanity December 22, 2009
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Homework given to students over winter break. Apparently teachers don't understand the definition of a break.
Kid 1: Man my stupid teachers gave me winter homework.
Kid 2: That sucks.
by desanity December 22, 2009
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Someone who does not know how to drive or refuses to obey traffic laws.
1.Someone who doesn't know if they want to drive too fast or too slow.
2.Someone who tries like hell to cut you off then slams on his/her brakes.
3.Someone who goes in and out of traffic doing 80 mph and then ends up being stuck in the position as everybody else.
4.Someone who applies makeup or texts on the phone because apparently that's more important than their life or yours.
5.Someone who does 90 in a busy parking lot.
6.Someone who flips you off when THEIR the one who made the mistake. Like it's your turn to go at a four way stop, they go instead, you honk, they flip you off.
7.Someone who doesn't understand the rules of a four way stop like above.
8.Someone who goes too SLOW like doing 20 mph when the speed limit is 70 mph.

Person 1: I hate a stupid driver, I can't seem to escape them.
Person 2: Me too Billy. Me too.
by desanity December 21, 2009
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