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The worst thing you could ever do to someone. It's a feeling of love, hate, depression, anger, & anxiety all at once. It's the feeling that puts you in a state you cannot escape. You can't get over him/her/them. You love him/her/them. But you hate them for what they did to you. You want him/her/them back so badly, you just want to kiss or hug or cuddle with or talk to him/her/them without starting another argument. And your friends try to help you out, say that it's all their fault and that you should get over him/her/them. But you can't. The reminder of what you had with him/her/them makes you upset just thinking about it. You could be crying about it for days. Weeks. Months. Years, maybe. You can't get over it. He/She/They has/have broken your heart. Ripped it into a bunch of tiny pieces like a paper shredder.
"Hey, why is Sammy so upset today?"

"She got dumped by George, and now she's broken hearted. Don't talk to her about it. It'll make her more upset."
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by depressionkills February 01, 2016

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