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The Meow Law states that any girl who meows during conversation or text is crazy, but is great in bed.

Not a girl to bring home to the parents, but a good time while it lasts.

Not dating material.
Dude, never doubt the meow law. every girl I know who meows is wild
by dennis-frogman July 28, 2012

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A girl who meows during actual conversation or through text/IM messages

Most likely has an obsession with cats and becomes overly excited when discussing cats

May not meow until she is totally comfortable with the people she's around

According to the Meow Law she is most likely crazy and good in bed
1. Dude, I knew she was a meower, all she does is talk about her cats

2. I knew it was on once she meowed
by dennis-frogman July 31, 2012

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