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You are wrong, Zach. (the guy who posted above me) A ghost is someone who has passed away, but got stuck on earth. A ghost doesn't know that they are dead. A ghosts energy can vary from cold to hot. A ghost can't physically harm you. A Poltergeist on the other hand can be very physical and violent. A spirit knows they are dead, a spirit can be anything from a demon, an angel, a messenger, etc. A spirit can even be God himself. Check your Facts Zach. I been doing Ghost/Spirit study for quite some time. Usually in a ghost or spirit case, you can order an Excorist, or one of my cherokee brothers, such as a Shaman.
I lived in a house haunted by a Poltergeist for 2 years when I was little. (True Story)
by demmaster June 16, 2004

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A very fun website to go to. lol yes it is my site, but trust me it is very fun to go to. www.geocities.com/demmaster I have RPGs, a Chat room, a ForumBoard and much more stuff. All created by me.
I am the Owner of DEMComics
by demmaster June 17, 2004

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An annoying person.
I wish that dork would leave me the fuck alone
by demmaster June 14, 2004

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