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The scum of the earth. A place you go if you are interested in spending thousands of dollars for nit-picky and corrupt law enforcement, or if you would like to vacation in a two and a half foot cell for two years. Also, the land of methamphetamine which can be purchased at your local street corner. Temecula is the 'attractive city' of this county, where police wait at ever corner to give you a ticket for entering the light at a yellow, which averages between a $600 and $1200 fine.

All natural life perishes due to the amount of cigarette butts and hatred spread at the courthouses in this county.

Hemet is another UNattractive city, filled with crime and methamphetamine. It is common for criminals to booby trap police stations and for young adult men to shoot each other over mild disputes.

Mead Valley is a death trap, if people don't like you, they just cut you up and feed you to their pigs.

Lake Elsinore is a city that is so polluted the fish all died in the lake and the smell is so rancid that it still lurks in the valley.

Avoid entering Riverside County by using the 5 North instead of the 15 or 215. San Bernadino county tends to be just as bad as Riverside County.
One of those Temeculites ran into the back of my car with no insurance and even sued me, the police backed him up. Now because I actually have to work for a living, I lost my job because the DMV suspended my license without my knowledge and my car was towed. I lost everything to the corruption and greed in Riverside County.
by demented fly January 07, 2012

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