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A greasy mcgriddle is the act of performing oral sex on the dining room floor of a Mcdonald's before the official end of breakfast for the franchise in which the individuals are located (times may vary by franchise). While typically, the act is performed between two people who have vaginas, there are variations that are inclusive of all genders and can happen are various times. (see: the mcnugget)

Sometimes, a friend may watch, making that person "the hash brown." Patrons of the Mcdonald's are not considered hash browns.
Since it is 9am, Elliot and Cassidy are performing the Greasy McGriddle. Brandan is the hash brown.
by deflatedwaffles February 28, 2023
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This phrase is typically used to express shock or surprise. While originally, it was generally used by people from the Greater Boston area, it has since spread across the Eastern United States - making it as far south as Central Florida.

This phrase is not to be confused with "I cannot AHAHA oh my god." While similar in use cases, "I am lowkey literally deadass dead" is used in instances where humor may or may not be present, while "I cannot AHAHA oh my god" is typically used in a comedy setting.
"Bro, me and Cassidy made out a little in the walk-in at work."

"I am lowkey literally deadass dead right now."
by deflatedwaffles March 3, 2023
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The hashbrown is the optional third friend that is viewing the act of the "greasy mcgriddle." To be considered the hashbrown, the greasy mcgriddle must have commenced prior to the end of breakfast, otherwise the hashbrown reverts to the "the combo."
Brandan is the hashbrown, since he watched Cassidy begin eating Elliot out prior to the end of breakfast at this mcdonald's.
by deflatedwaffles February 28, 2023
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