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a girl that is also one of the plastics and her friends too,she is in the social group of the "populars"and everyone uses them because they are easy,beautiful and u can do whatever you want with them,they just get along with popular people and they think everybody loves them but eveeeryone hates them and talk really bad things about them.they usually have more than one boyfriend and dont love any of them.they just "work"triying to make an image about what they "are"for the others to try to cause envy.they are really hipocritical even with their "friends".
roxy:you are my bestie!!who is your best friend?
karen:ohh u aree!i lovee you!
karen:i hate roxy she is a slut.
anna:yeah i know.
anna:hii roxyy! i saw you talking with karen..she is soo fucking dork...
roxy:yeah i know she just sleept with 5 guys last party.
anna:omg!she must be lesbian.
roxy:problably...or just a dork..
by deeee the bestttt hahaha April 18, 2006
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