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Military/Police Term: Refers to someone who commonly fucks over their buddys (buddy fucker).
This includes, but by no means is limited to the following:

Leaving work early when they volunteered to do something, thereby forcing their coworkers to do it.

Makes a comment of anothers inappropriate action in front of one's supervisor which may result in discipline from said supervisor.

Stating they will meet their buddys for drinks, but is observed immediately taking a route away from the drinking destination never to be seen the remainder of the evening.

Inviting buddys out for drinks on their birthday and being the first to leave shortly after arriving.

Stating you will do something, but then are nowhere to be found when it is your time to do it, whereby forcing your buddys to do it.

Someone who often misses work, leaves early, or takes sick days forcing his buddys to pick up his slack.
Man! Tyrel Klein is such a blue falcon. He left early again when he volunteered to do something.

Can you believe Tyrel just called me out in front of our supervisor. He is really flying the blue falcon today.
by davernsf July 06, 2015

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