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someone who dresses in the gothic fashion to step away from society. they usally listen to the music they like(wether it be nu-metal, deathrock, darkwave,electronica,classic rock, hardcore rap, or industrial) and don't mind most peoples opinions.

these are things that real goths sometimes have that doesnt make them a poser.
Depression- so a goth cant be depressed because hes goth?

angst-some people are naturally angry


mutilation- some people are sad. not all goths live middle class

satanism/vampirism- yes! some real goths are satanist!!

but if all of the above apply, you have a poser at hand
also its ok to be goth and listen to whatever the hell you feel like
goth 1:hi
goth 2:wazzup?
goth 1:did you get that new cd?
goth 2:yea. its cool i guess
poser: i got it and i listened to it while sucking my own blood from a cut i made out of my hate and depression. im just like you!!!
Goth 1:no your just wierd(in head: poser!!!)
by darkblood12 June 10, 2008
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