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1 definition by ctg777

A term that refers to the Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird made between 1993 and 2002 and are characterized by incredibly ugly, vomit inducing roundness.

People that drive these cars typically enjoy:
- Doing neutral drops and exploding their clutches
- Listening to disturbed and other generic heavy metal bands
- Posting videos and pictures of their cars
- Talking shit about foreign cars
- Thinking their cars are fast, even if it is a V6 model
- Thinking there is an actual difference between a Firebird and a Camaro
- Driving very dangerously
Guy 1: "Did you see that 4th gen F-body?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, I think I puked in my mouth a little."
Guy 1: "Oh god he's got his t-tops off and is blasting Disturbed."
Guy 2: *Throws up*
by ctg777 April 8, 2011
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