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1.) A football game that the New Orleans Saints won against the Indianapolis Colts February 7, 2010 in Miami, Florida. The first quarter featured big plays by the Colts. The second quarter consisted of little playtime by Peyton Manning and a few points scored by the Saints. The second half started off with an onside kick performed by the Saints (who also recovered the ball from this kick.) Satan Manning of the Colts scored a touchdown in the third quarter but was shut out for the rest of the game. Drew Brees exploded offensively in the third with a touchdown and a series of wild plays. The winning play was when New Orleans cornerback Tracy Porter picked off a pass from Peyton Manning in the fourth quarter and sprinted 74 yards toward the goal line with 3:12 left in Super Bowl XLIV to help the Saints towards their 31-17 victory.

2.) Once this game was over most Americans realized how much of a choke artist Peyton Manning really is. He always has the top o-line every year, a powerful set of weapons, and the referees on his side most of the time and still blows games. He can only win a Superbowl against a team without a QB. Basically now Tom Brady will always keep his crown as the king of the NFL.

3.) After this game Americans grew tired of getting fed this Peyton Manning bullshit with all of these commercials, ads, and cocksuckings on espn about him.

4.) A fucking awesome game for any New Englander it was great watching that faggot Manning cry.
Colt fan before Super Bowl 44: "yeaaahhhhh were going all the way baby you suck we ave the greatest quarterback ever ahaha you can't stop us!"

Saint fan: "lets just watch this game first I know my boy Drew isn't going to let us down."

Colt fan after Super Bowl 44: "holy shit I can't believe we just lost I'm gonna go cry and then kill myself."

Colt fan before Super Bowl 44: "once Manning wins this game he will be the best ever."

Patriots fan after Super Bowl 44: " Brady would still have more rings even if he won but that fag Manning just lost so he just sucks plain and simple."
by crybabyPeyton February 07, 2010
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