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The greatest sport ever created. EVER. Usually bashed by other sports like football and tennis. This is why we steal their tennis balls and run past them like beasts with great leg muscles. Cross Country runners can be identified by their hard work, determination and the massive amounts of food they consume while gaining only solid muscles. They can take a spike to the back of the leg and keep running with blood pouring out of their leg. They can fall in mud and swallow dirt and get straight back up and continue onto an amazing PR. We run until we can't go another step and then we kick into overdrive and sprint the rest of a race or workout and have a smile on our sweat soaked faces when we're done. We love each other and our coaches and don't bother with what the rest of the school thinks. We quietly sneak off to a race, districts and state and skip school to be awesome. Because that's how we roll! Others refer to us as "those crazy runners" but we refer to ourselves as "those sexy beasts" since it's far more accurate. Cross Country requires a work ethic that no other sport can ever match.
Things Cross Country runners say:
"Running won't kill you, you'll pass out first."
"It hurts up to a point, and then it can't hurt any worse."
"We're not here to be last, we came to win."
by cross country is the best February 10, 2012
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