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One of the most complex and vile sexual acts to be performed... It requires strength, focus and tremendous commitment.

The German Stienburg starts with a man anally plundering a female that is bent over while he is simultaneously holding a tractor tire over his head and using it to do shoulder presses (as in a strongman competition). While pressing the tire and banging the girl he screams out "shiza" every time he makes a press.

After the man makes coitus, he drops the tractor tire on back of the female's head...rendering her unconcious. Finally he lifts up her naked body and proceeds to bench press her... all the while counting his repetitions in a loud, harsh, commanding, German accent. (If you can count in German that is ideal... but if not the accent will suffice).
"Dude, I have to stop by the farm later and borrow a tractor tire, my girlfriend is finally going to let me give her The German Stienburg."
by crazydoc March 14, 2009

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